Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience, and you want to make sure that you are happy and confident with your choice in photographer. Here I have put together some Frequently Asked Questions that may help with your decision making.

• How much do you charge for a wedding?

You can see full information about my pricing and packages here

• Are you insured?

Indeed I am! I have public liability and professional indemnity insurance with PolicyBee. If you require a certificate then this can be produced.

• Do you take group shots?

Although I would mainly describe my style as documentary; I am not a full documentary photographer therefore I do take groups shots if requested. Your family and friends are a special part of your day,  and so it's important to keep them involved. I will always ask for a list of proposed group shots before the day (so I can make sure I get everyone in!) but I would suggest that you think carefully when making your list; group shots can take some time to organise and we want to make sure that their time, and yours, isn't taken up in front of a camera!

• Can we meet you?

If there is a time and date which is convenient for both of us, then I can always meet up for a coffee; however I do find that just having a Skype chat is absolutely fine. It's nice for us to see each other before the day, so you know who to look out for on the day! I aim to have an online consultation with couples in the last few weeks' leading up to the wedding so we can go over the finer details of the day.

• Where do you work?

Although I live in Devon, and the majority of the weddings that I photograph are within this area, I can (and love to!) travel all over. If you have a wedding which is outside of this area please get in contact and we can discuss what you are after!

• Will our photographs be used online?

I will normally post a few photos on my Facebook and/or Instagram account to show what I am up to; and sometimes I will blog a small selection within my main website; this is all documented in the Wedding Agreement that is signed on booking. If you would prefer for your photos to be kept private then just let me know

• How many photos do you take, and how many do we get?

I don't limit the amount of photographs that I take at a wedding; the total number will depend on how long I am at the wedding, how may guests there are, and what happens on the day. The photos are then culled and edited so you get the absolute best selection from your day; you can generally expect a minimum of 400 photos from this process.

• Do you need to see our venue before the day?

It's not necessary for me to see a venue prior to a wedding date; one of the main reasons for this is because the conditions and light differ so much from day to day that visiting a venue beforehand often doesn't give me the detail that I need for the day. As a professional wedding photographer, I shoot with the conditions and situations that present themselves on the day itself.

• Do we need to provide you with food on the day?

If I am working a long day then having food provided would be lovely; however I do understand that this would come as an extra expense, so just let me know if I need to bring my own food with me.

• Do you have back up equipment?

Absolutely! I take 2 cameras to each wedding and use both simultaneously; but they are also both there in case one breaks (so I always have one to use!). I also take multiple lenses with me, so will always have something to shoot with.